Hemp Oil For Neurodegenerative Disease

Those of us of a certain age (notice I say "us" as I'm definitely of a "certain age") more and more frequently have mental lapses.  Is this a sign of neurodegenerative disease? Does "why did I come into this room?", or "where did I put my keys/wallet/phone, I just had them?" sound familiar?


We also start to notice that we're not quite as steady on our feet.  These are just some of the challenges of getting older, and many of us, even those younger than us 60-plusers, deal with this regularly.  So if this is just "normal" aging, why worry about it?  Two reasons:

  1. If these are just age-related declines, they still affect quality of life.  And why succumb to them without seeing if there's a way to mitigate, or even improve, the situation?

2. These may be early symptoms of neurodegenerative disease (ND), like Alzheimer disease (AD), Parkinson disease (PD), and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).  NDs represent one of the main causes of death in the industrialized world,  characterized by a loss of neurons in particular regions of the nervous system. It is believed that this nerve cell loss underlies the subsequent decline in cognitive and motor function that patients experience in these diseases. As stated in an article by the National Institute of Health/PubMed: "Since, at present, there are few therapies for the wide range of neurodegenerative diseases, scientists are still in search of new therapeutic approaches to the problem. An early contribution of neuroprotective and antiinflammatory strategies for these disorders seems particularly desirable because isolated treatments cannot be effective. In this contest, marijuana derivatives have attracted special interest, although these compounds have always raised several practical and ethical problems for their potential abuse. Nevertheless, among Cannabiscompounds, cannabidiol, which lacks any unwanted psychotropic effect, may represent a very promising agent with the highest prospect for therapeutic use." Research has determined it has, among other attributes, neuroprotective properties which recommend its inclusion in the prevention and treatment of NDs.


Inflammation has also been identified as a contributor to NDs, including Multiple Sclerosis (MS), which is thought to be the leading cause of neurological disability among young and middle-aged people.  As a known anti-inflammatory, hemp has been shown to provide some control of MS symptoms. While continued research is necessary, and ongoing, there is sufficient evidence that hemp oil extract may be a powerful tool in the fight against NDs. Hybrid Health offers a wide array of hemp products.