What CBD products are good? What CBD products are bad?

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  • 02 March , 2018
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Hey hybrid hempsters! Elliot Galdy of Hybrid Health here. Recently we posted on our Facebook site, which is hybrid health NC, an article about serving sizes or as some folks like to say dosages. While we don't specifically talked in dosage units because we're not considered a medicine, we're actually considered a food supplement. Our third article also contains some interesting information regarding the quality of CBD. Now I've talked about this before on other videos, but it brought home to me how important brand is. We've been working with what we consider the top line CBD companies out there and rated as such by independent surveys and when we're talking about brands like Endoca, Elixinol, CV Sciences, Procannal, these are the top brands on the market. There are others of course, but we can't carry everything. The main thing though is we do try to carry what we believe to be ethically produced, organically produced, GMP or good manufacturing processes certified or at least compliant and the brands that we carry all fit this criteria. Soon we're going to be launching a Hybrid Health brand which we're really excited about and we'll be announcing that when the time comes. Hopefully, in the not too distant future and all of the products that have the Hybrid Health name on them will also be of the finest quality. So most importantly, the reason I'm saying all of this is that when you're taking something for your health, make sure that it is a known entity, a quality brand, one that you can verify as quality, and not something that you pick up in your local head shop because it's cheap and you want to jump on the CBD bandwagon just for poops and giggles. So anyway thanks for taking the time to watch this video, I hope you're having a great week and we will talk back to you soon take care and have a very hempful day. And as always, please like us please leave any questions you have on the in the section below and talk to your friends about us we'd love to hear from them.  




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