Elixinol™ Introduces the X-pen

One of the Hemp industry's most influential brands, Elixinol™, is proud to announce their newest Hemp Cannabidiol (CBD) Extract & whole food product, the X-pen. The organic, non-GMO Hemp Extract is delivered in a convenient airless delivery device. With the new X-pen design, Elixinol™ is also addressing a major challenge facing the Hemp industry by delivering only the highest quality.

"Our customers deserve the highest quality organic Hemp CBD Extract products in the world," states Paul Benhaim, Co-founder of Elixinol™, “Consumers expect to receive a product with the highest quality taste and consistency.  Elixinol's unique X-pen has an innovative delivery method that is simple, safe and smart by dispensing an exact dose every time. The X-pen, in its retail-ready commercial packaging, addresses and overcomes major challenges. Customers demanded a safer, smarter and easier way to use their favorite Hemp Extract. We listened. The Problem: Many customers want high concentrations of CBD Hemp Extract, and up until now, oral applicators such as the Elixinol™ syringe product have been the only real solutions. While this delivery system provided high levels of CBD Hemp Extract, there were a few drawbacks including:

  • Inability to deliver precise serving sizes
  • Occasional air pockets
  • Potential for wasteful dispensing because of no lock
  • Inconvenient and unhygienic sharing ability
  • Possibility to lose effectiveness and freshness due to being exposed to light
The Solution – The X-Pen: After conducting research on multiple delivery systems, your team of experts at Elixinol™ discovered and created a solution that delivers the perfect product to you. With the X-Pen, you are now able to receive:
  • Precise serving sizes: With each click, you receive 15mg of CBD.
  • Airless Delivery: Hermetic cartridge keeps the extract in a vacuum, protected from air and bacteria.
  • Secure: A simple twist-lock mechanism prevents unwanted dispensing or spills.
  • Hygienic: Removable, washable tip enables sanitary conditions for multiple users.
  • Shielded: A proprietary violet polymer housing protects content from light to prolong freshness.

The world widely regards Hemp as a superfood. Hemp products can be found globally in many health food stores, grocery stores and online shops. For health conscious consumers seeking a convenient way to add Hemp Extract to their daily routine, Elixinol’s Hemp Cannabidiol (CBD) Extract is offered in a wide range of products including capsules, tinctures, powders and the ‘X-pen’. The CBD Hemp Extract used to make Elixinol™ products is derived from the mature stalks of the Hemp plant and is considered a whole food nutrient, delivering the benefits of cannabinoids without the psychotropic/ euphoric effects of THC. As a result, Elixinol™ products ship throughout the U.S. and many other countries. 

For more information on Elixinol™ and their all-natural Hemp Extract products, visit: www.elixinol.com. The Company invites the public to get involved in the conversation of the expanding Hemp industry with Elixinol™ through the Company's social media websites on Facebook and Twitter. About Elixinol™ Regarded as one of the most influential brands in the industry, Elixinol™ was founded by a group of passionate leaders committed to bringing forth education and awareness on how people can live long, healthy lives and to naturally reduce the amount of disease we see in our world today. Co-Founder Paul Benhaim has been a global leader in the Industrial Hemp industry, having actively been involved since 1991. Over the course of the last few decades he has built deep relationships with the top experts in the world who have been using hemp for multiple purposes. He is the founder of globally recognized Hemp Foods Australia and has been cultivating and manufacturing Hemp on a large scale around the world. Because of some of the latest research by leading scientists into the powerful impact the Cannabinoids in the Hemp plant can have on human health and Paul’s background and deep connections as a worldwide authority on the cultivation of hemp, many influential people around the world began reaching out to him about developing Cannabinoid based products.