How and Why CBD Can Help Your Pets

As CBD continues to hit the mainstream in a big way, we’re only just now beginning to unlock the potential of this powerful compound; not only for ourselves but our pets as well. Yes that’s right, I said our pets! Believe it or not, recent studies have suggested that CBD is not only helping us humans with our ailments and our general wellness but also our furry friends!

How is this possible?!

Assuming your pet is a mammal (for this example we’ll use dogs), then it has the same endocannabinoid system that you have! Which means that your pet has the same CBD receptors that you do. Furthermore, humans share at least 95% genetic similarity with all other mammals, so we are susceptible to many of the same kinds of illnesses and diseases.

Just like their human friends, dogs suffer from anxiety and inflammation and many other ailments as well.  There are several different ways that CBD can help your canine counterpart:

Mood and anxiety

Many of the most common problems that arise with pets have to do with their temperament and disposition. Often times, these seemingly-unchangeable characteristics can be reversed with some snuggles, a treat, and a few drops of natural CBD oil. Whether your pet deals with separation anxiety, agitation during long-distance travel, or is just generally an unhappy soul, a little CBD can make a big difference in the quality of life of your pet!

Natural aging

Once again, just like us, dogs feel pain, inflammation, and can even suffer from age-related illnesses.  Due to the anti-inflammatory potency of CBD, coupled with its pain-relieving ability and calming effects, many with aging pets swear by the youth and vigor that CBD oil can reintroduce into the life of a dog who has been slowed down by the inevitable effects of age.

General Wellness

A recent study from the School of Pharmacy, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel showed that CBD was not only absorbed by our furry friends but had a half life of 9hrs within the canine’s system which is almost as much as the system of a human. This means that man’s best friend would experience very similar benefits overall to that of their owner, providing similar relief to that we receive from CBD!

Next time you find that your pet may be in pain, or experiencing some form of anxiety; perhaps try treating them with some CBD for relief! Science always knows best!