How CBD Can Help Stroke Recovery

A stroke can be a tragedy for any one person or family to endure. A stroke occurs when blood supply to any part of the brain is interrupted or cut off causing brain cells to die. Treatments for stroke recovery can vary, but the neuroprotective effects of CBD following the brain injury of a stroke are well documented and could prove as a worthy supplement in conjunction with physical rehabilitation. 

What is a stroke?

According to the National Stroke Association: A stroke is the immediate result of either a blockage or tear in an artery supplying blood to a part of the brain. About 80% of strokes result from blockages. The remaining 20% are caused by a ruptured vessel. The reduction in blood flow caused by a blood clot is called ischemia. However, in cases of ruptured blood vessels, the blood which leaks into the brain cavity causes further damage or brain tissue that may not have been affected by the reduced blood flow. The symptoms of a stroke are denoted by the acronym ‘FAST’.

Causes of Stroke

There are various factors which can lead to a stroke. Many similarities are shared between stroke and heart attack; both are ultimately caused by loss of blood flow to some or all of the brain or heart, respectively. Clogged arteries, high blood pressure, and diabetes are all signs that a blood vessel may be close to complete blockage, or worse, rupture. The difference between a blocked artery and one that ruptures defines the difference between the two basic types of stroke: ischemic (blocked artery) and hemorrhagic (ruptured artery).

How Can CBD Ultimately Help!?

The immune system is triggered during a stroke, and it is the mediator of much of the damage which occurs in the brain. CBD is effective during and after a stroke because it promotes the activity and signaling of the endocannabinoid system. In the brain, this is beneficial during a stroke because of the protective effect that ECS activation has on neurons.

CBD reduces oxidative stress, inflammation, and calcium build-up, which are three of the main causes of cell death during a stroke. In addition, CBD promotes the transcription of genes which promote healing and repairing mechanisms of the immune system, which helps with the recovery process following a stroke.