Why do I love Hemp/CBD??

Hey Hybrid Hemptsters, this is Elliot Galdy CEO and founder of Hybrid Health. One of the questions I'm most often asked is how did I get into the CBD business. Well, it's actually not a how question it's a why question. After 40 plus years in marketing and advertising, I was feeling pretty burnt out. I loved what I did and I did it well but, I was also looking for a way to do well by doing good. So a few years ago I went out to Colorado talked to a bunch of folks in the cannabis business and was told that there is this product called hemp CBD which was not only legal but also really effective for a whole host of uses. The most notable one of which was how it helped children with severe forms of epilepsy. And as I looked into it and did my research, I found that it was also highly effective for a whole host of other conditions from neurodegenerative disease to inflammation, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and so on and so forth.  So I decided this was a great way for me to do good and maybe do well at the same time. So along with my son Ian, we started Hybrid Health about two years ago and went online with our e-commerce site HybridHealth.us about seven or eight months ago in May of 2017. As a result of that, we've since sent out hundreds of orders to folks all over the country and the response has been remarkable. Folks tell us that their arthritis feels better, they're not as anxious, they're sleeping better, and on and on. Do your own research, go online and just enter Hemp CBD and a condition that you might be dealing with and you'll get a lot of articles that can explain to you how and why CBD does what it does. The most effective websites I find are pubmed.gov, ProjectCBD.com , or medicaljane.com, any of which are reputable and have really good information. So if you want to answer... if you have questions that you'd like us to answer, feel free to post them in the comment section below. Like us if you would, that would be really great and if you do use our products and have success with them we'd love to hear your feedback good, bad, indifferent and especially testimonials are something we love. So thanks very much make sure you like us and have a very hempful day.