Musings on HempX Asheville

Last weekend, Hybrid Health was one of about fifteen vendors exhibiting at the 2nd Annual HempX Asheville ( held at Highland Brewing Company Asheville, North Carolina. While the focus of HempX is supporting the return of hemp agriculture to North Carolina and neighboring states like Kentucky, attention was paid to the many tangential industries that are hemp based, e.g. construction, fabric, paper, horticulture, and most near and dear to our hearts, hemp CBD oil (cannabidiol).

Growing Warriors (, an organization whose mission is “to equip, assist, and train our military veterans with the skills they need to produce high quality, naturally grown produce for their families, communities and country” was front and center at HempX.

Michael Lewis, farmer

Founder, Mike Lewis, is a spokesperson for hemp, vets and local farmers. We’re reminded by Mike and his organization that a product like hemp answers the need for work, income, and sustainable agriculture. Alongside the compelling narrative of hemp’s historical significance to the founding of these United States of America - both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were among the many founding fathers who grew hemp - and the passion to achieve hemp’s legalization at the federal level, it’s only a matter of time until the barriers fall. We also were humbled by the stories shared by those whose lives have literally been saved by hemp CBD.

  1. There’s the couple with a child born with lissencephaly, commonly known as smooth brain, who suffered daily from seizure after seizure. They were told by doctors that their child wouldn’t make it past 3 or 4 years.  As any parents would do, they followed doctors’ recommendations to save their child’s life at the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Big Pharma drugs worked up to a point, but when the drugs stopped working and they were told to “start making arrangements,” they refused to accept their child’s death sentence and turned to alternative therapies.  After several fruitless and frustrating attempts, they started treating with CBD oil.  While every day is still a struggle, the child is virtually seizure free, alive well beyond expectations of any doctor’s estimate, and a part of a loving family.
  1. Then there’s the story of the boy with Dravet Syndrome who suffered from sixty-plus seizures a day. Within a week of starting treatment with hemp CBD oil, his seizure frequency fell to one every few weeks and he is a thriving, active, playful boy.
  1. We also heard from a veteran with PTSD. He was prescribed anti-depressants that left him feeling sluggish, unable to work, and more worrisome, dependent.  Once he learned about CBD and substituted it for conventional drugs, he began to feel better emotionally, psychologically and physically.  He now has a job and is doing well.
These are just three anecdotes we heard at HempX among hundreds, if not thousands, of others that demonstrate the efficacy of hemp CBD oil for a host of conditions.  And with hemp’s removal from the list of controlled substances and return to the portfolio of crops that farmers can legally grow, the future is very bright indeed.