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  • 14 September , 2017
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Hemp is the non-psychoactive part of Cannabis Sativa L., possessing less than 0.3% THC; it is not used as a recreational drug, nor is it psychoactive. Hemp production is on the rise in North Carolina, thanks to a pilot program legalizing the crop that finally took off earlier this year.  Former tobacco farmer, Jay Foushee in Person County refers to hemp as “Carolina Gold.”   In June, Mr. Foushee planted what he believes to be the first hemp plants in NC, and thanks to the pilot program, has plans to continue growing.  The plants are due to be harvested this month, thanks to The Agricultural Act of 2014 (P.L. 113-79).

Help for Hemp from NC Legislature

In 2014, the state officially passed a bill allowing the industrial production of hemp.  Now in 2017, three years later, we’re starting to see action taken by The North Carolina Industrial Hemp Commission on behalf of local farmers. The bill was passed to allow growers and agricultural researchers to study the growth and cultivation of hemp.  In addition to this groundbreaking law, an additional bill was passed protecting state agencies, growers, and researchers from federal law enforcement interference.  (P.L. 113-235)

How The Law Affects North Carolina

Hemp is a high valued product, according to Canadian Hemp Industry officials.   The crop’s introduction to North Carolina is producing jobs across multiple industries, including research and agricultural, a ticket to boost the state’s economy.   If you are wondering how hemp production will affect you, read on.  What are the everyday uses of hemp?


Hemp Seeds

  • Hemp Oil Nutritional Supplements (CBD)
  • Bread/Granola/Protein Powder
  • Ink/Varnish/Fuel/Lubricant/Cosmetics
  • Animal Food/Flour

Hemp Stalk

  • Mulch/Animal Bedding/Concrete/Insulation
  • Rope/Cord/Netting/
  • Shoes/Bags/Clothes
  • Biofuel/Ethanol/
  • Paper Products i.e. Cardboard
  • Filters
  • Loss Containment Materials (Oil Industry)
Overall, the law passed allowing North Carolinians to grow and produce hemp is a win for consumers, business owners, and farmers.  The law will allow continued research and production of hemp, adding to the state’s economy and job growth.  For more information on hemp seed and hemp products, and how they can benefit you, please follow our blog.  If you are interested in CBD or hemp products, visit our shop online or call us at (919) 748-9394. Sources:



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