We had a snowday and talk about how CBD is a lot like snow!

Howdy, Hybrid Hempsters. Elliot Galdy, owner and CEO of Hybrid Health here. And the last couple of days we’ve been snow-bound here in Durham, North Carolina. Amazing because this is not where typically you would expect us to get a lot of snow, but looking out my window at about ten inches of the white stuff, it’s created a really nice, although not necessarily requested, vacation time. However, what it made me think about was these little flakes of snow keep dropping; and they’re tiny, they’re lite, and they don’t really seem to weigh much, if anything at all. However, over time, they pile up, and pile up and pile up. And that little flake of snow adds to all the other flakes of snow and creates these huge drifts and blocks streets and, well, you know the deal. So how does that apply to CBD and what I typically talk about? Good question. The reason that it applies is that CBD, particularly if you’re taking it for balancing your endocannabinoid system, is something that builds up in your system over time. Taking one, or five or even ten milligrams a day is not necessarily a huge amount. And it’s not going to be a miracle cure for anything. However, over time, those milligrams add up…over time. And you start to feel a difference in how you overall function better, those aches and pains that used to be there may not be quite as acute. Those other little bothersome characteristics of anxiety, or depression may start to feel a little bit less severe. So, my suggestion is when thinking about how and when to start taking CBD, think of it like snow. Let it pile up, gradually over time, and you end up with a beautiful landscape and a beautiful new you. Thanks very much for listening. This is Hybrid Health, and if you have any comments, please post them below. And “like” us because we’d love to get your support, and have a very hempful day.