The Numerous Benefits of Naturally Grown Hemp Not Found With the Synthetic Derivatives

In recent years, there has been an increase in research regarding the benefits of cannabinoids which have been found to have therapeutic benefits without many of the side effects associated with pharmaceutical medications. Patients around the globe are finding success with the use of cannabinoids to aid with everything from relieving anxiety and insomnia to extinguishing pain to staving off nausea, often a side effect of chemotherapy drugs Not all cannabinoids are the same, however. Before a patient decides that cannabinoids are right for them, they should do their research and know the facts, including the difference between synthetic and natural cannabinoids. Not produced the same, or processed the same way by the body, the presumption that they are interchangeable is wrong and can have disastrous effects. (Elixinol™)

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Cannabidiol is the active ingredient that aids the body with healing properties and pain management. It exists naturally in the Sativa plant. It has been shown to have numerous benefits for the body, including being an anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive, anticonvulsant, antibacterial, anti-anxiety, bone stimulant, antiemetic and analgesic. It has even been attributed to have positive effects on certain types of tumors. With some of the same wellness properties of other naturally occurring compounds in the plant, it has all and more of the advantages with no risk of psychoactive reaction. Synthetic cannabinoids are not grown naturally; rather they are created in a laboratory. Enhancing their properties by altering the concentration of certain compounds, they are more powerful than naturally grown Sativa. There is no limit to the psychoactive effects that synthetic compounds can create. Although their potency can vary, in general, it is much more likely that someone will have a psychoactive aversion to synthetically produced cannabinoids. Due to the limit of controlled potency and lack of upper limits, synthetic cannabinoids can be harmful, resulting in toxic side effects such as hallucinations, convulsions, and seizures. They can also lead to serious side effects such as ischemic stroke, which can result in permanent damage. There is research to indicate that sustained exposure to synthetic cannabinoids can also lead to mental illness like schizophrenia. At a minimum, they are linked to paranoid-type thought well after the effects of euphoria have disappeared. Studies have also indicated that unlike plant-based cannabinoids like cannabidiol, as many as two percent of those using synthetic cannabinoids require emergency medical attention. The reason that patients react differently to synthetic cannabinoids versus their organic counterparts is that they act differently on the brain cell receptors. Because they are produced in a lab (or worse) and not naturally grown, they react in the body completely differently from the naturally grown plant compounds. Although studies are inconclusive, there is a suggestion that synthetic cannabinoids can result in tachycardia, hypertension, agitation, panic attacks, vomiting, myocardial infarction and, in extreme cases, psychoses. Perhaps the biggest difference between natural and synthetic cannabinoids is in their addictive nature. Synthetic cannabinoids are labeled as psychoactive substances due to their mind-altering compounding. They come in various forms with differing potencies and compositions and with very little regulation which can result in dangerous consequences as listed above. Unlike natural non-psychoactive cannabinoids like cannbidiol, they are turned into psychoactive substances in the body and are metabolized differently creating dependency. When withheld, withdrawal symptoms are not uncommon, which is highly different from naturally growing cannabinoids. The advantages of natural, non-psychoactive cannabinoids and the potential to aid patients with pain and other issues are numerous. But, to reap the benefits, it is necessary that Sativa is grown naturally, not chemically mimicked in a laboratory. To benefit from cannabinoids, it is best and safest to avoid the synthetic variety. Shop for the finest in organic hemp cannabidiol products at Hybrid Health today. DISCLAIMER: THESE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FDA AND ARE NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT OR CURE ANY DISEASE. ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE STARTING A NEW DIETARY SUPPLEMENT PROGRAM.