Why Seniors are Turning to Hemp

Hemp CBD, and the many products in which it's contained, has exploded in popularity among seniors. In a recent survey done by Remedy Review, 89% of seniors would recommend CBD products to their friends. With new studies coming out showing hemp CBD as a way to treat anxiety, depression, chronic pain, inflammation, and many more issues; it’s certainly no wonder!

With increasing evidence to back the effectiveness of hemp CBD products, it’s time to start integrating it into health treatments for people of all ages.

Why is it Good for Seniors?

In the survey done by Remedy Review, seniors listed these top five reasons for turning to Hemp oil:

  • 42% said inflammation
  • 40.9% said chronic pain
  • 38.6% said poor sleep quality
  • 31.8% said arthritis
  • 28.4% said anxiety

There are numerous studies that point to hemp CBD as an effective treatment for many of these issues.


Inflammation and pain from injuries and arthritis is common among seniors. This pain may inhibit them from participating in certain activities or being social. It can also interrupt sleep.

One study evaluated the effect of CBD on inflammatory pain in rats. The rats were given the substance orally for a week after an injury. CBD proved to have anti-inflammatory effects and modified the response of the immune system to prevent inflammation.

This study proved that hemp CBD is useful as an anti-inflammatory and also a prevention treatment for chronic pain.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can result from numerous health issues. It could be related to arthritis, any number of other health conditions, or to new and old injuries. Chronic pain limits mobility and can have a serious negative effect on mental health.

A study of the effects of hemp CBD on chronic pain for those afflicted with multiple sclerosis is a great indicator that it may help with chronic pain resulting from other health problems.

This study ran for five weeks with a placebo group. It involved sixty-six people diagnosed with MS who experience central pain. Cannabidiol (CBD) was administered orally with a spray bottle, as needed, up to a maximum of forty-eight sprays in twenty-four hours.

The results showed that those with a placebo spray used it nineteen times a day on average while those with the CBD spray used it, on average, only ten times a day . It helped to reduce the intensity of the pain which also allowed the patients to get a more restful night’s sleep.


Common arthritis treatments can come with many negative side effects. Studies have shown that hemp CBD can help manage arthritis and inflammation without these side effects when applied topically.

A study was performed on rats to see the effects of hemp CBD on inflammation and pain resulting from arthritis. The gel was applied to arthritic joints for four days and were measured regularly to assess the level of inflammation.

The gel reduced the swelling and thickened the membrane on the arthritic joints. Not only did it manage symptoms, but it actually helped to repair the damage.

Anxiety and Depression 

According to HealthcareWeekly, hemp CBD is most commonly known for its anti-anxiety properties. Seniors can experience anxiety and depression due to declining health, decreased mobility, or decreased cognitive abilities.

In a case series documenting the anxiety levels and sleep quality of 103 patients, patients were given CBD in a capsule form every morning. After only a month, it proved to be a useful treatment for both anxiety and poor sleep quality.

The study reported that 79.2% of participants reported a decrease in anxiety and 66.7% said their sleep improved in the first month and then fluctuated with continued usage.

Another study was done on mice to test the antidepressant effects. They found that when mice were put through stressful tests, the ones given CBD were able to take shorter breaks and were more energetic and curious after the tests than mice who were not.

Poor Sleep Quality

Seniors suffering from chronic pain or mental illness can have a difficult time sleeping. Taking CBD prior to bedtime can improve sleep quality because it can reduce chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. When seniors are experiencing less physical pain and emotional turmoil, they are better able to fall asleep and, more importantly, stay asleep.

The seniors who were surveyed by Remedy Review listed the above topics as some of the main reasons that they started using CBD. Many of them reported an improvement in these conditions after regular usage.

Here are the top five symptoms that seniors say improved:

  • 61% said reduced pain
  • 45.6% said improved sleep quality
  • 30% said reduced anxiety
  • 30% said stress relief
  • 23.3% said improved mood

Overall, the number of seniors reporting a good quality of life rose from 31.1% to 65.6%.

With all the results from these studies as well as actual trials from the seniors surveyed for this study, more senior citizens than ever are looking at CBD products as a treatment aid for their conditions. It’s likely that seniors will continue to hold CBD in high esteem as we discover more and more uses for it along with research to support the anecdotal evidence.