• 12 December , 2018
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Late in the evening of December 10, 2018, the 2018 Farm Bill House/Senate Conference Committee released its Conference Report. The 807-page document is nearly half a foot tall. Hemp is discussed in only a few handfuls of pages. But the impact on the industry is monumental:

CBD And Diabetes

  • 10 December , 2018
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As with most conditions Diabetes is resultant of systemic imbalance, CBD has shown a powerful impact in regulating the symptoms of diabetes if not curbing them completely.  

CBD and Insomnia

  • 19 November , 2018
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CBD’s balancing effect on the excitatory and inhibitory neurons in this part of the brain helps to stabilize and fortify your body’s natural circadian rhythms helping you sleep longer and better at night.

What is Hemp? A Brief history!

  • 05 November , 2018
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What is hemp? When it comes to plants, hemp has been one of mankind’s most revolutionary and useful plants. Defining hemp is somewhat tricky, but i...

CBD for Depression

  • 22 October , 2018
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Recently, physicians and researchers have become more aware of the benefits of CBD for depression. Depression usually refers to a general feeling of sadness or lack of motivation, and is different from clinical depression, in that clinical depression is a diagnosable disorder of the central nervous system.



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