What is Hemp? A Brief history!

  • 05 November , 2018
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What is hemp? When it comes to plants, hemp has been one of mankind’s most revolutionary and useful plants. Defining hemp is somewhat tricky, but i...

CBD for Depression

  • 22 October , 2018
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Recently, physicians and researchers have become more aware of the benefits of CBD for depression. Depression usually refers to a general feeling of sadness or lack of motivation, and is different from clinical depression, in that clinical depression is a diagnosable disorder of the central nervous system.

CBD and Liver Disease

  • 15 October , 2018
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Liver disease is a potentially deadly condition that remains poorly understood compared to other, more common, health issues. CBD may be able to prevent some of the primary causes of liver damage other than alcohol abuse.


  • 01 October , 2018
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Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects around 12 million American men and women. It is a condition of persistent anxiety and flashbacks resulting from a traumatic or life-threatening situation.



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